Radical Roots Growers Collective grows food and medicine on the unceded traditional territory of Lil’Wat Nation.  We are a collective of Indigeneous and Women of Color farmers, horticulturalists, and garden lovers who have come together to support our communities in accessing nutrient-dense food and herbal medicines.  We thoughtfully grow with organic and regenerative methods like no-dig/no-till, holistic grazing management, cover cropping, permaculture, and rainwater harvesting and catchment systems. We raise the bar in providing culturally appropriate food for the growing multicultural and underserved communities in the area. 

Through our collective work and mutual aid as BIPOC 2SLGBTQ entrepreneurs, we strive for food security and food sovereignty locally and internationally in the movement towards climate change adaptation.  We are currently open to more collective members, collaborators, and volunteers.  For 2021, we have teamed up with Celine Cuevas of La Artemisia Herbal Medicines to produce a curated selection of herbal medicine seedling packs to help us fundraise for future food sovereignty projects that focus on supporting Indigenous, Black, and People of Color communities experiencing systemic racism in the food system.