Radical Roots Growers Collective grows food and medicine on the unceded traditional territory of Lil’Wat Nation.  We are a collective of Indigeneous and Women of Color farmers, horticulturalists, and garden lovers who have come together to support our communities in accessing nutrient-dense food and herbal medicines.  We thoughtfully grow with organic and regenerative methods like no-dig/no-till, holistic grazing management, cover cropping, permaculture, and rainwater harvesting and catchment systems. We raise the bar in providing culturally appropriate food for the growing multicultural and underserved communities in the area.

Radical Roots Growers Collective is committed to listen and work under the leadership of Indigenous, First Nations, Metis and Inuit elders in addressing the harms of colonization and climate change.  Through learning and stewarding the land and waterways under the guidance of BIPOC farmers practicing regenerative ancestral agricultural methods we hope to inspire other farmers in the region to transition to decolonial methods of ecological stewardship and heal the land and existing relations between settlers and First Peoples of these lands.

Radical Roots Growers Collective and La Artemisia Herbal Medicines are collaborating to grow a curated variety of ethically-sourced, culturally relevant, wildcrafted, non-GMO medicinal and culinary herbs to support you on your healing journey this season. 10% of each purchase will be added to a pool of funds that will go towards purchasing a solidarity share package for a struggling family.

Fresh produce to your door every week. This season, we will be delivering fresh food to 10 homes for 20 weeks in the Lil’wat / Stʼatʼimc Territory (Mount Currie, Pemberton, Whistler).

Some families struggle to access fresh and nutritious foods. The Solidarity CSA share is our way of addressing this gap. We are have committed 3 shares to 3 families to start and need your help to support a few more.

Purchase a solidarity share package for a struggling family today.